Resource handling

The function Resource handling gives you control over all the pieces of the jigsaw.

The additional function “Resource handling” allows you to administer all types of resources
such as hotels, buses, limousines, guides and so on in one and the same program. You make these resources available to your different projects and they can be booked directly from the registration form.
With our administrative interface you can easily follow the status of the bookings of your resources. Invaluable online information will give you an exact picture of the utilization of resources, not only from one, but from all projects using your resources.
You may also supply a description of the resources accessible to the attendees when they register. To get a simple overview over your resources, you are also able to view the booking status in a calendar by year, month, or week.
You may also let your external suppliers follow up on the booking status of their resources (allotments)

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